Hello: Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web … Presently still in metamorphosis!

I am Stephany Spencer/AKA Beulah Spencer Tucker de LeBaron. I am also, among  other things, a Creative: an Author, Poet, Performer, Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Artist, Speaker — Just a Jackalyn-of-many-trades! And a Retired Teacher on her endless summer.

I’m enjoying my Photoblog site as I continue to improve this, my first Website! Welcome aboard!! And thanks for joining me on my creative adventure “On board.” My laptop screen serves as my “board” I write on. And I guarantee you you will never be “bored,” as we sail on the sea of blogging and creativity. 

My URL is: https://StephanySpencer.com. It doubles as my Scrapbook and Blog Site, wherein I’m also posting the rudiments of my colorful life’s story.

I hope to post ideas and information that will be of interest to you on your own journey through this world. And hopefully here on my website we can meet up together, now and again, to share and to be of mutual help to one another as we travel  Life’s adventurous highway.

Meanwhile, over time, I’ll be sharing with you my mostly miserable memoirs (I love alliteration!) — as well as some happy and redemptive memories. I will also, as time allows, publish on my website my creative work such as poetry and songs I’ve written, videos of my performances and other such, some of my artwork, and more.

I plan to post my Memoir Blog every Friday — But will post more often if I have a poem I’ve written or other such I wish posted or reposted.  I’m looking forward to your input, honesty, and ideas, once you have read my blogs or viewed my other posts. I promise I’ll read all your comments,  responding as time allows.

Your comments let me know you have indeed read my material. Feedback is very important to bloggers. So THANK YOU in advance for  your comments, “Liking” what I’ve  posted, and signing up on my email list to receive my blogs when they’re posted.

Through my website, I’ll test the waters and heed your input. It will be of import for if and when I decide to finish writing my shoot-from-the-hip Memoirs: A surreal saga of how I survived stunting child abuse as a White slave while growing up poor and deprived in a secluded, extremist, and dangerous, Mormon Fundamentalist cult headquartered in Colonia LeBaron, Chihuahua, Mexico.

I escaped this backwards, partly criminal, fanatic rebel cult in 1967, at the age of 21 — with only my three-year-old daughter, one suitcase and $5.00 to my name — plus an 8th Grade diploma received in 1960, after about six years of education — mostly from Utah’s small-town schools:

Part of this small-town education took place in infamous Short Creek, Utah’s one-room schoolhouse that hosted grades one through five under the tutelage of brave Mrs. Verda Lartzen.

The rest is “Her-story.” But with much credit going to our good ol’ USA’s government and God — though at the time, I didn’t believe in God/my understanding of God.

Five months after escaping the LeBaron cult, miraculously, I started college in Los Angeles, California, earned an Associate of Arts degree in Music, graduated from UCLA in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and attained a Teacher’s Credential and Post-graduate work from California State University, Northridge, in 1976, specializing in Liberal Arts and Bilingual Ed.

Presently I am a member of the California Writers Club (https://cwc-sfv.org). I have officiated as Programs Chair and also  Hospitality. I‘m also currently a member of Champagne Toastmasters (https://ChampagneToastmasters) as well as a longtime participant in Songmakers (https://Songmakers.org).

Ever a Creative, the world is my oyster and I a pearl forming within her … heading for the “pearly” gates (LOL!). Life is my canvas on which I purposely paint with gusto all the while it takes me along to new dimensions!

For I have learned you either live or die. Bob Dylan so aptly reminds us of this in the line he borrowed from the late, great singer-songwriter, Woodie Guthrie: “If you aren’t busy livin’, you’re busy dyin’.”

And So here’s to life!
I’m tryin’,  yes, I am; 
And though I ain’t thru cryin’,
L’ Chaim!”And cheers!
Stephany Spencer


Think in terms of possibilities.”
Emily Dickinson