~ Memoir Poem: A Letter to My Art Teacher — And Some 6th-8th Grade Artwork

“Civilization is social order

supporting cultural creativity.”

Will Durant

*The following picture elicited the poem

“A Letter to My Art Teacher.”


This is a poem I wrote to Mr. Webb, my Hurricane Jr. High eighth-grade Art teacher (because he said he was going to lower the grade on our Christmas-scene assignment if he saw erasures!)

I always got an “A” on my art work. But was very worried I would end up with a “B” on the picture you see below because I had to erase a number of times in an effort to correct the airplane wings. I didn’t succeed, as you can see! But the strong emotion involved in the whole project elicited the following poem: “A Letter to My Art Teacher:

Dear Mr. Webb:

If you’ll take mercy on my age,

You’ll excuse the mistakes on this page;

But look at it and like it not,

The blood in my veins will be running hot!

I thought and I drew to get an “A,”

And I expected it to be that way.

The smudges and the creases that you see

Were made because I didn’t want a “B.”

Don’t see the badness; the goodness instead.

I drew it all with a pencil lead.

The idea didn’t come from brain,

But I drew it’s all just the same.

Isn’t it wonderful? I think it is.

The dolly was made for sister Liz;

The drum was made in honor of Ted —

He does so admire purple and red.

The rest was made because the idea was that way;

I think it’s the very image of a Christmas Day.

I know, myself, the airplane is queer,

But to leave it out would ruin the design so dear.

Of course, if you don’t give me an “A,”

It only means you didn’t see it that way.

But I spent a very long time on it.

For hours it seems that I did sit,

Trying to make the whole scene perfect.

If you knew how hard it was to do,

You’d take mercy on my age —

My inexperience too;

You’d think of it my way,

And in your grade book

 You’d mark another “A.”

Note: It seems my lyrical letter worked:

Mr. Webb gave me an “A.”

Then wrote a little poem of his own to say:

You’ve been an outstanding student every day;

Your pictures are good and well worth an ‘A’.”

Mr. Webb

(That made my day!)

(The following is the original poem, written on the back of the above picture. Following this handwritten lyrical letter are some of the pictures I did in art classes, from ages twelve through fourteen.)






















~ Photos of Relatives, Page 1

Note: When I have sufficient time, I will organize these pictures into relevant groups, writing names of who the people are.


ervil with marie, 2.jpeg
My Notorious Brother-in-law Daniel Jordan & Uncle Ervil LeBaron — holding my  daughter before I knew about what they were up to! I took this photo in 1971. My Aunt Irene LeBaron Spencer used it on the Book cover of her memoir, “Cult Insanity.” (see below:)


Photo of Uncle Ervil LeBaron holding my daughter


donna-and-barbara-websitemoms-story-larger-book-coverthe-sound-of-gravel    rebeck-kimbel-and-ed-kociela-on-youtube   no-man-knows-my-history-book-cover

ervil-in-another-film   his-favorite-wife-book-coverpolygamists-daughter   shattered-dreams-better-picthe-lebaron-story-book-cover-2   177_Rebecca_Kimbel


My Front-yard Water-Smart Project


This is a part of my front yard, taken around two years ago. I removed the lawn and planted California friendly, drought resistant Gazania and other water-Smart plants.

Then I used red Canyon rock and other such to further create landscape design and color — plus a matching mulch for around the plants.

By now the Gazania is blooming so beautifully.

Have you ever done landscape design? And do you love beautiful landscape? That’s the artist in you.