Fred Morrow
Fred Morrow

Poets for
Fred Morrow Plumbing*
Savings on Sewer Sub-Meters
They’ve installed hundreds of meter readers!

It’s a first class, first choice
Contractor’s corporation–
In my humble opinion
Best plumbers in the nation

I hired Fred Morrow
So won’t be sorry tomorrow
Did my homework
Now  I’ll not repent in sorrow

Morrow’s super plumber Stal
In-stal-led my sewer sub-meter machine
‘Twas some of the best work I’ve ever seen
If you want a good job done overall
Fred Morrow Plumbing’s the company to call

Want to save, all-in-all?
Then don’t stall
Call Fred Morrow services:
Save $$ plus time–
Time lost on disservices
Because you can expect:

1- Best price in town yet
2- No scams, shams, or sharks around
3- The job done right when they hit your ground
4- Savings on DWP’s secret sewer-service slam
5- No-problem-no-fault City Inspection
  6- On-time arrival; job done to perfection

Plus timely follow-ups from friendly Fred
Now, with all that said,
Fred Morrow gets an “A”
In my grade-book today
For doing his homework
The old-fashioned way:
His company doesn’t shirk
They get high marks
For first-class work

Yes, Fred’s a leader–a keeper
His work ethics couldn’t be neater
What’s more, Fred and his men
Are friendly, fit, and thin
Don’t believe me?
Do your homework on DWP
Sewer Sub-Meter Regulations and see

Interview the whole Plumbing lot
Recommended on Next Door and Yelp
You’ll yell and cry, “Help!”
‘Cause you won’t get what I got
With Fred Morrow’s Plumbing
Whom I ultimately sought
Who started his company in 1970
 And has many employees presently

Hire this incredulous entity
A plumbing company with integrity
That’s been around for years
A company that hasn’t left me
With problems and tears

Hats off to Fred Morrow Plumbing
And a BIG round of cheers
May this company be around
For many more years!

By Stephany Spencer

*Fred Morrow Plumbing: 818-376-6538
16137 Valerio Street,
Van Nuys, California 91406

  • NOTE: I found the following book online. Am posting it here because a guy by the name of “Fred Morrow,” who owns “Fred Morrow Plumbing” — an attorney turned plumber — I thought was one of the protagonists in this story.

    After buying and reading the book on Kindle, I discovered my Google search had found the names “Fred” and “Morrow” in the novel and had somehow linked them with “Fred Morrow Plumbing,” the company I was doing research on.

    But a coincidence: The protagonist in the book IS much like Fred Morrow. However, his name is “Nate Morrow,” he owns his own plumbing company, has high integrity — and the “Fred” in Pemberton’s novel, it turns out, is the protagonist Rita’s uncle!

    I’m leaving this Book recommendation on my blog because I think anybody who knows Fred Morrow would find this book a fascinating read, to say the least! See the book’s title and a clip from the novel listed below:

    Regarding Rita – Google Books Result

    Morrow was supposed to meet her at her apartment, five minutes ago. Couldn’t these people … No point in activating Uncle Fred’s antenna, she told herself, but in the back of her mind, she knew Fred had little to do with it. She didn’t want … Fred wasn’t sitting on the front porch, and neither was the plumber. Suddenly fatigue …


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