Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man
Donald J Trump as a young man

My Review of Mary Trump’s “Too Much and Never Enough:
How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man”

Don’t waste your time and money on this screed, this dirge—this deplorable piece of clickbait…unless Donald Trump’s your scapegoat and you would thrive on a nitpicking scourge written by his old niece simply to get revenge on him/her Uncle Donald; and on her Grandfather Fred Trump … because decades ago he didn’t leave her, in his will, as much money as she felt entitled to!Mary Trump’s Scourge:

As to Mary Trump’s Scourge, it was all I could do to listen to this dry, humorless, venomous downer in the time of the coronavirus, of all times. All I didn’t need! Yet, listen I did…to see if there was anything in it that supported her misleading, attention-getting title. There wasn’t. All I found was why she became a therapist: She realized she needed 40 hours of therapy per week!

This miserable memoir is full of repetitious talking points Mary Trump mostly got from mainstream media that’s paid to dump Trump before he can dump/drain “the swamp” and rid the USA of child-trafficking and numerous other problems that are bringing our country down.

At the very least (if you insist on buying this book), first read the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere; especially the reviews giving the book only one star! This book taught me my lesson: Read the reviews before buying the book! If I could return this manuscript and get my money back, I would.

The following are a few reviews on Amazon I copied and pasted here that further reflect what I feel about this torrid, so-called Doc:

“This is perhaps the most negative…non-stop hateful book…I have ever read in my life. If you woke up in the morning and with your very first step, you fell into a backed-up sewer overflowing with human feces…and then got out…and read this book…your involvement with the sewer would have been the happiest part of your day.

“I don’t care if you’re right-wing…left-wing…or in the middle. I don’t care if you love or hate Donald Trump…such an unending literary diatribe of nothing but vile, vicious, repulsive, abhorrent slurs, and unfounded accusations makes the reader just want to break away and try to find a ray of sunshine…or a breath of fresh air that hasn’t been contaminated by Mary Trump, the author…and her unyielding, despicable onslaught of her uncle. 

“It seems nothing in her entire life… or her family’s life… that’s been bad or disappointing… was ever caused by one of their own shortcomings. Everything…repeat…everything…is Donald Trump’s fault!”

“Right off the bat, the author states how she hates her name.

“As far as the subject of the book getting a fair portrayal…here’s a quote from the author Mary Trump: “SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON, ARGUABLY THE MOST QUALIFIED PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IN THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY.” Mary couldn’t be any more biased in every manner and angle.
Come on Mary! Hillary could be good…but “The BEST EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY!” (??)

“ Mary declined an invitation to attend President Trump’s election-night party because “I wouldn’t be able to contain my euphoria when Clinton’s victory was announced; and didn’t want to be rude.” She didn’t want to be rude??? What the hell do you call this entire book???”

“Some people may think that the ‘PH.D.’ after the author’s name provides complete verification as to her venomous words and accusations: Far from it!

“I grew up with a number of friends… and, coincidentally, the weakest street-wise and personality friends of my group…who, while I served my country and went to college for a way shorter time than they did, I found a number of years later…still living at home with Mommy! And still afraid of their own shadow! And now they are telling “patients” what was wrong with them…when these PH.d’s were in worse shape than their patients! A number of PH.d.’s have already commented along the same lines, regarding the author, after reading this book!”

“The only semi-redeeming part of Mary’s 24/7 hate-campaign is that she rains negatives constantly on her own Father… her Grandmother and Grandfather… among countless others. 

“I really wish I didn’t buy this book. Not because of the money I spent/wasted… but because of the time wasted where I might have instead seen a rainbow or a child smiling once in a while.”

 “Simply put, vindictive and boring: With all the hype, I expected so…much…more…snooze.”

“This is nothing but sour grapes and her trashing her family. She has nothing to add other than “someone took the SATs for Donald.” Wow is that the big insight?! She grew up with the best medical insurance, trust fund, summers in Montauk and Florida and, oh yeah, sailing camp every year! By the way Mary, business is about expanding and if Donald could get the backing and money for 3 casinos in Atlantic City then good for him (and bad for the banks that lent him the money and didn’t do their due diligence). “Also Mary – buy a copy of “Clinton Cash.”

“Thank you so much, Kathleen. Your analysis is ALL so correct. I held back one comment in my review regarding a statement by the author…because it was so blatantly disgusting and stomach turning! In fact, it literally was psychotic!!

I couldn’t write it then…and I am finally going to mention it quickly here…and then hope I don’t throw up. When Mary Trump (near the end of the book, when you couldn’t possibly think her off-the-wall ramblings and accusations that “Donald Trump is the cause of everything bad in the world” could get worse), she says that Donald was envious of the Minneapolis cop who killed George Floyd…and he wished it was his knee on Floyd’s neck!

“I don’t have a PhD, but I think Mary Trump has to be certifiably insane to make a statement in print like that!”

“By the way, it was proven to be a lie about the SAT’s when Mary Trump says President Trump did not take the SAT’s to get into Business School. The wife of the man (the harpie said to have taken them for President Trump) said it is complete BS; never happened.” 

“Most disgusting book I have ever read. It is not about the President but of this jealous niece who grew up with an alcoholic father and has no life of her own. She has only written this book for the money.”

“I cannot believe a reputable publishing house published this. It is only about money and no respect for this country.”

“We have become a nation of selfish individuals who lash out for their own benefit.”

“This is book is boring. Everything she wrote has already been published. Nothing new. Waste of time and money.”

“I think Mary Trump should analyze Joe Biden”

“I have heard it has some non-truths in it, so will not even bother reading.”

“Was this written by a ghostwriter paid by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign to trash Trump? The put-downs and insults never stop. Anger and jealousy drip from each page.”

“The book consists largely of sophomoric psycho-babble purporting to delineate the psychological underpinnings of Donald Trump. The author’s hatred and contempt for her subject eclipse the few interesting familial vignettes, ultimately producing a remarkably boring book that is also plagued by extreme leftist hyperbole.”

“If you’re looking for a book that’s written by someone who doesn’t really know how to write a book, by all means buy this item.

“I expected something completely different from a sour-toned interpretation of the events as she saw them. I’m not interested in supporting Trump-family drama; and I would return this sorry excuse for a documentary. I’ll keep it as a reminder to wait until I have the chance to read excerpts before I buy a book of any kind. My mistake.”

“This book would be more accurately titled “Donald Didn’t Give Me as Much Money as I Wanted: Let Me Write a Resentful Book about It.” This book contains bitterness and cynicism on every page. Obviously the author has lots of unresolved issues about her childhood.”

“There is nothing new here: She’s been ranting about the family for years and can be read about everywhere. She’s a bitter, angry woman who’s brother won’t even have anything to do with her and has been disassociated from the family since childhood….upset she only got a little over $200,000 in Grandpas inheritance…as the rest of the grandchildren did. 

“A spoiled angry brat who’s childhood wasn’t what she wanted. As a child, who grew up in severe poverty and a physically abusive father….”moved out when I was 17, afraid for my life…then made something of my life..but starved many times.” She sounds like a spoiled monster!”

“I was expecting more about Trump, less about the author. This turned out to be her rambling about things she could not POSSIBLY remember from childhood, given her age. She could have taken any of the Trump Info given from any newspaper article already written. It was about Mary … Mary feeling left out, Mary feeling she was due more … and seemed like an act of revenge. She gathered information from family members helpful to her book, but then condemned those same family members in her (for profit) book.”

“Book is about the same actions and attitudes of every business man I have ever come in contact with. That Is why her father was a loser and a drunk: He couldn’t make it as a business man. 

“Everything would have been just fine if she would have gotten a large inheritance. Same thing happened to me. But, you know what? I moved on and didn’t drag my family into the mud.”


President Trump Delivers Remarks and Signs Four Executive Orders on Lowering Drug Prices:

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