Dr. Kwak Treats Gullibles Galore!
by Stephany Spencer-LeBaronducks-vintage-paintingA Quack and a sucker
is born every Second.

Quacks’ Doctor plaques
Hanging on their door,
Ought to read:

Treats Gullibles

Medical Malpractice and
Pharmaceutical quackery
Make Health costs soar;
And add to suffering,
Cutting to the core.

Some MDs aren’t better.
Is your Doctor
A butcher go-getter?

Scammers enter Medicine
For the BIG Buck.
Their quacky gimmicks
Could kill in minutes,
Depending on luck.

To evade being quackered
Or the suckered dead,
I research, use my head.

‘Tis Beware:
Watch Your Back!
Quacksalvers are Sociopaths
Following the money sack.

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