Cougar lives to love another day

Cougar Lives to Love Another Day
By Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

Hey King Kay, 
Your cougar lives
To love another day,
To further bond 
With wondrous King Kay.

Cougaress never dreamed 
It could be this way:
 First he was her friend, 
Then her boyfriend; 
Now her husband – 
Her Kind King Kay.
Cougaress lives for him each day.

People call her a cougar.
You’ve robbed the cradle, they say. 
But Cougaress doesn’t care.
She won’t go there. 
‘Tis her affair that takes her cake
‘Cause Cougar’s on the make.
The rest is cougar hair 
Below the bridge, 
Upon the stair. 

Nothing pleases Cougar more 
Than to have her lover score –
Take his mate, make his mate
Forever evermore
In every way but Sunday
Behind closed door.

His courting Ms. Cougar 
From Sunday till Monday
Makes Cougar roar!
In climactic ecstasy
Cougar “cums” back for more.

Their love’s a carousel,
A revolving bedroom door,
Hinged on trust, 
A dollop of lust;
Integrity at the fore.

It’s the way King Kay
Runs his love life. 
He teaches by example
Fulfilling his wife.
Therein lies the secret 
Why Cougar’s free from strife.

Her Honey King Kay’s 
The bee in Cougar’s bonnet,
Inspiration for this sonnet, 
Why she’s hot doggonit – 
And why Cougar lives 
To love another day.

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