My Memoir, Part 19-I:
Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer —
And More Perils of Polygamy

me, in asian dress
Beulah Stephany Spencer-LeBaron in 1972, age 26, and soon to graduate from UCLA after escaping polygamy in 1967!!

“Man, created in God’s image and likeness,
is not just flesh and blood.
The sexual instinct is not all that he has:
Man is also, and preeminently, intelligent and free.
And thanks to these powers, he is and must remain
superior to the rest of creation;
they give him mastery over his physical,
psychological, and affective appetites.” 

Pope Paul VI

I left off in the last blog, “My Memoir Backstory: Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer– And More Perils of Polygamy — Part 19-H,” pronouncing:

“Fuck The Law of Chastity”! My being added to the harem greatly affected the other two wives and Bill Tucker, too — especially did it affect his and their love life. More on this in my upcoming Memoir.

But, I’ll tell you, now, they did not believe in, let alone live the Mormon fundamentalist doctrine of “The Law of Chastity” — and that’s not the half of it!!

Example: Bill told me one of his wives (Won’t mention her name now) was most horny and hot WHEN she was pregnant … so he said that was his favorite time with her in bed. (Like most polygamist men, he was one to kiss and tell. Therefore, that gives me more to tell you, as well, in due time! LOL!)

But, nothing whets the sexual appetite more than your husband getting a new, sexy, nubile, plural wife six to fifteen years younger than you! Bill’s first wife was thirty-one, the second twenty-two years old when I, sweet-sexy-sixteen, was married to their/my husband. That’s another story you’ll read about in my upcoming Memoir.

Presently, I’ll tell you I would not have suffered half as much in my arranged marriage had I been married to Homer Babbitt whom I did not love and was not at all attracted to … so would not have been longing for, sexually, nor otherwise.

I say “arranged marriage” because, Bill, ever a people-pleaser who could not say “no” when under pressure, only married me due to the manipulation and social pressure his buddy Ervil LeBaron put on him to get him to marry me.

But, Bill, always out to collect more prestige and popularity, knew it would be a notch on his belt — as well as on the Mormon-LeBaron blueblood totem pole — were he to marry me. You see, I was “royalty”! I was a niece of “The Second Grand Head,” Ervil LeBaron, and of Joel LeBaron, the Prophet of our “Church.”

On top of that, I was/ am a great-great-granddaughter of the “renowned” Benjamin F. Johnson whom the self-proclaimed Prophet Joseph Smith had sealed to him as a son — and through whom the self-proclaimed “profit” Joel LeBaron claimed his priesthood keys and the “Scepter of Power” — the priesthood power which made Joel “The One Mighty and Strong;” i.e., the Prophet the “Profit” Joseph Smith prophesied was to come in the last days to set the house of God in order. (!) (My uncle Joel set it in order, alright, LOL!)

So, against the wishes of his first two plural wives, and though they fought him tooth-‘n’-toenail, Bill added me to his harem — even though it lacked integrity (I learned years later) because, secretly, Bill no longer believed in polygamy and was making plans to leave the LeBaron cult and colony!

Bill, as a Mormon, had always felt a little inferior, when it came to the Mormon prestige totem-pole and pecking-order because he was not part of the blueblood of the Mormon church nor of the Mormon fundamentalist LeBaron “Church” … though he was totally “top notch” in about every other way, they say!

But by marrying me, Bill not only became related to the prophets of our church/cult but also related to the Prophet Joseph Smith, the god of Mormonism! That is, he finally became a part of the Mormon royal blood — just in time to leave Mormonism altogether … four years later!

(Continued November 1, 2017, in “My Memoir: Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer– And More Perils of Polygamy — Part 19-J.”)

*The following video production, produced by my Aunt-in-law Rebecca Kunz Kimbel and featuring her half-sister, my Aunt Irene Kunz LeBaron/ Spencer, is an excellent overview and introduction to what my life was like growing up in and living in the LeBaron colony in Mexico and in Mormon fundamentalist cults, in general.

6 thoughts on “Part 19-I: Esther LeBaron Spencer, Me and More Perils of Polygamy

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement. I only saw your comment today, December 19, 2019. I didn’t realize comments would be posted on my iPhone though they are not posted on my computers. I don’t know why that is, but now I know to watch for comments on my iPhone, and not just on my desktop computer.
      Be well and I look forward to further responses from you. I’m happy that you are reading my blogs. Let me know how I may be of further assistance. Happy holidays!


  1. I have been reading your blog all day, just found it today. You are an amazing writer, poet and songwriter. I have laughed at your wit and your way with words.
    Thank you for sharing and keep the stories coming.
    I am following so don’t stop writing the blog and I will be buying your book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kaycee, I really appreciate your feedback. It is honest, encouraging, and from the heart. It was serendipitous also, for just yesterday I was deciding quite seriously to stop writing my blog and only work on my book because I wasn’t getting enough feedback to feel my blogs were that liked or helpful.

      I realize some of my Mormon fundamentalist readers don’t leave feedback because they don’t want anybody to know they’re sneaking and reading my blog. Also, I’ve had one or two people write me comments using fake names so it won’t be known that they betrayed those who don’t want them to read what I write.

      But enough of all that. Thanks to you, I will buckle up my seat belt and keep writing full speed ahead. Also, I’ll check out your blog and website. By your comments, I already know you’re a good writer.

      It’s an honor to know that you will buy my book when I finish it. Thank you so much for all! ~Steph


    1. Thank you very much, Mary, for taking the time to give me feedback. You’re special.

      Most people don’t give me any kind of feedback. This leaves me wondering if my blogs are liked or not, appreciated or not; i.e., wondering if it’s worth the time to Post my memoirs online. Like maybe I would be better off concentrating on writing my book, not writing blogs.


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