Emote the Emotion
by Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

Emote the emotion
We want to feel

Says Tony Robbins,
Motivational Speaker
And guru like
Doctors Dyer and Phil.

Says Tony:
To change our emotion 
Change our motion.
We’re at the wheel.
Changing physiology
Changes emotions.
It’s a done deal.

Stand tall and proud
When feeling afraid.
Sing a happy tune
To also aid.

Sitting erect when feeling bad
Or turning frowns upside down
When we’re sad
Helps us feel glad.

To change our emotions
Change our motions.
Changing our thoughts
Also changes
Good things in
Equals good things out
Of our mind’s computer spout.

This concludes
My tips from Tony.
Care to have
A SHRINK with me?

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