Please note: When I have sufficient time, I will write under each picture the names of the people therein.

me on float.jpeg

me at 5.jpeg

me at 2.5.jpeg

me at 20 mo.jpeg

me with sisters.jpeg

me in box 1

me at hoot, 2.jpegme at hoot.jpegme at 20.jpeg

ma & friend.jpeg

ma at 14.jpeg

ma and grma, 2

ma in pink skirt, 1

ma sitting, 2 1

ma standing, 2

ma's face

me, bl dress

me, in asian dress

dad-collagedaddy-ma-and-fam-in-color bill & me, 2.jpeg bill 1.jpeg bill 3.jpeg me wed pic.jpeg me wed cake.jpeg me short hair.jpeg me waitress 1.jpegbill lg pic.jpeg

Me, Bill and baby: Side views

Me, Bill and baby, 2

Me, and baby

dad-51dad-by-truck-4hathcockme 8 yrs.jpegme bill & wives.jpegme-in-plaid-14-1me in plaid dress 14.jpeg

me in red blouse, 15.jpeg

me on cement.jpegme sec gr.jpegme, bill.jpegme, shortcreek.jpeg



Cassandra Rasmussen





grandma-as-a-younger-woman           moms-story-larger-book-covergrandma-and-grandpaGrandmagrandpa-lebaronDayer LeBaron as young man


2 thoughts on “Family Photos –Page 3

    1. Thanks for this feedback. It will make me set naming the pictures as more of a priority. On top of that, I have loads of pictures I could upload to my site — just not loads of time right now.


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