The avant-garde composer, John Cage, said,” The material of music is sound and silence. Integrating these is composing.”

Could we say the material of poetry is also sound and silence — or syllables and silence? And integrating these is composing –– albeit poetry?

 We could, as well, compose music and poems that go together — compose songs, that is. For songs are nothing but poems set to music.

And now I digress into a poem — and confess I may later set it to music!
(Blame it on my muse):

It’s a pretty broad spectrum to contemplate upon.
After I’ve contemplated more, I’ll enlarge upon it —
Perhaps by way of a musical composition long —
Or even a song or sonnet!

Now to diverge a bit from my theme:
I’m aware of what some “poetry authorities” mean
And say about poetry with rhythm and rhyme.
Enter to my rescue poet Lord Byron
Who said ( paraphrasing I am):

Some people prefer poetry without rhythm or rhyme,
But as for me, all the time,
Give me poetry with rhythm and rhyme.”

Amen to that, I say!

Now, till another time,
Have a nice day,
And enjoy this rhyme,
Or have it your way.
Any old way is okay
With me!

But I’ll rhyme on a dime,
Or sing for a dime and tea —
Any old time is best for me!
And I promise you’ll get your $.10 worth …
I’ll throw along with it some music and mirth!

Now, how’s that for an ad-libbed verse — or a line?
Well, we’ll be picking up here again — next time!    :)~

By Stephany Spencer, 9/13/2016


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