The avant-garde composer John Cage said: 
“The material of music is sound and silence.
Integrating these is composing.”

Could we say the material of poetry is also sound and silence — or syllables and silence? And integrating these is composing –– albeit poetry?

 We could, as well, compose music and poems that go together … compose songs, that is: Songs are but poems/ lyrics set to music.

Now I digress into a poem, 
And confess it may be set to music!
Blame it on my muse:

It’s a pretty broad spectrum to contemplate upon.
After I’ve contemplated more, I’ll enlarge upon it —
Perhaps by way of a musical composition long —
Or even a song … or sonnet!

Now, diverging a bit from my theme,
I’m aware of what some “poetry authorities” mean
and say about poetry with rhythm and rhyme.
Enter to my rescue poet Lord Byron
Who said ( paraphrasing I am):

Some people prefer poetry without rhythm or rhyme,
But as for me, all the time,
Give me poetry with rhythm and rhyme.”

Amen to that, I say!

Now, till another time,
Have a nice day,
And enjoy this rhyme …
Or have it your way.
Any old way is okay
With me!

But I’ll rhyme on a dime,
Or sing for a dime and tea —
Any old time is best for me!
 I promise you’ll get your $.10 worth …
I’ll throw along with it some music and mirth!

Now, how’s that for an ad-libbed verse … or line?
Well, we’ll be picking up here again next time!    :)~

 Stephany Spencer, 9/13/2016

*NOTE: The above piece “John Cage and Composing” inspired my niece Vicky Rogers LeBaron to compose the following beautiful poem:

In Adulation of Song

How can a song trifle with my emotions so?
It tosses my tears on the beaches below.
Then my resurrected heart soars 
Far above the craggy shores.
As it reaches the crest of the waves,
Suddenly it breaches,
And I’m thrust into the depths of another emotion, 
On the rolling waves of the sound in motion! 

What a rush to feel the melodious sound
As it vibrates through me to my soles on the ground!
A cacophonic pleasure with each passing measure.
And I realize:
I have found the treasures that abound
In the waves of sound.

In an instant I’m moved to a place I’ve not been,
But is somehow familiar and comes from within.
How does it transport me fro and to?
 Do I hear with my ears or the thoughts that ensue?

The vibration surrounds me 
And fills me clear through! 
Is this a primal instinct or a thing I’ve learned new—
To be still and listen? Really listen. 
To ride the sound waves, to soar on it’s breeze
Takes almost no effort,
It’s done with such ease.

So, oblivious of anything I could lose or retain,
The melodious refrain is controlling my brain,
And all other thoughts disappear.
Momentarily there is nothing to fear.
So I let myself fall.

I’m lost in the swells of vibrato, staccato, legato …
They beckon me to immerse myself
In this sea and see.
The chorus extolls, then a lonely bell tolls
And soon rapture ensues!
My heart strings play along
In adulation of song.

Completely irreverent of my desires,
Whether the sounds of nature
Or the singing of choirs,
I’m carried away on the wings of the song,
Irresistible and enthralling, my heart lauds.
Shall I try and resist as my soul persists
To insist that I bury my heart and mind
In pealing waves of the oceans I find?
Nay, I say.

As I rise to the top of the waves,
The song fades.
I catch my breath as the ocean calms;
Nothing but stillness fills the air.
I am there,
Immersed in peace and serenity,
Feeling like an eternity of bliss
Is echoing in my mind.
And the song in my heart echoes,
“Until next time.”

The oceans of sound in motion
Were written in the measures of creation;
These songs are for our elation.
We must learn to listen.
I surrender my devotion
With my heart’s emotions,
And I will ride the waves of song.
Will you come along?

By Vicky Rogers LeBaron

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