Wonder how I’ll go.
What will be my final blow?
What will finally bring me down
When life has brought me up, thus far,
And saved my life so many times before,
Till now, and kept me ’round?

Well, can’t complain.
I’m in God’s hands,
As inane as it sometimes sounds.
I know a Higher Power’s put me here,
And quelled my incessant fears.
It’s kept me going throughout the years,
And has been working Its powers
Without my knowing.
I don’t know if I’m coming
Or where I’m going;
So must bow my head
And keep on rowing;
Doing my best, and continuing to nurse
From God’s nurturing bosom
That’s freely flowing:
Food on the table, fruit in my mouth;
I’ll continue to cruise Life’s maze
Till laid “down south” —
While my spirit heads “up North,”
And keeps on going.

Yes, we keep on going!
We keep on rowing.
We’re a mighty herd of souls
That doesn’t stop growing!
Billions throughout the eons
Have kept on rolling.
That, alone, gives me food for thought:
The knowing I’m not alone
In this great river of life:
There is an energy
That holds me … enfolds me,
And souls that help
Save me and clothe me.
And there’s Genesis!!
Therein lies my thesis:
That I’m not alone.
Knowing this, alone,
Keeps me going.

Still, I wonder how I’ll go,
And what will be my final blow.
But knowing I’m not alone
And many have gone before me,
And continue to go right on,
Under my same circumstances,
Keeps my head up
And my qualms down
While I’m rowing,
And my feet on the ground
While I am sowing,
Storing good seeds in this life
For future growing —
All done in a mixture of
Wonderment and unknowing —
Yet, all the while knowing
A lot, just the same.
So in God’s name, I bow my head
And continue towing.

I won’t blame and I won’t dread,
Knowing soon enough I’ll be dead.
But long enough I was wed to Earth
And its circumstances
That have allowed me all my
Chances to grow, to learn,
To serve and be served,
And to earn my rest in Eternity
After being blessed to live
During Earth’s modernity –
Yes, just me and billions more,
Ad infinitum … 
into infinity.

So I’ll take the bull by the horns
And myself by the balls,
And no matter how
The “Bad wolf “ bawls,
I’ll follow the “Good wolf’s
Calls ‘till I enter
The heavenly walls
Of the Infinite God Energy —
I’ll take my chances,
Not worry ‘bout circumstances —
Like fear that something
Bad could happen.
I’ll just keep on steppin,
And  keep on keepin’ on,
Taking the good with the bad …
Never nappin’… my life long.
I was only here for a trip,
A temporary stay, anyway.
God meant it that way … not my way.

So soon I’ll be on my way.
Therefore, I’ll be a big girl now;
I’ll get by somehow —
Just like everyone else.
Tomorrow’s a new day,
And today I’m fine.
I’ll do it God’s way … not mine!
Help me make a difference, I pray,
And be a blessing
To Thy cause each day,

Is the only clause
I lay on my Maker —
My only request I send to
The “Grim Reaper”–
My “Taker” –
And life goes on and
Before you know it,
I will be gone …
And life will go on …
And so will my spirit …
And so will my song.




As Time Goes By

Another month of
Hurry-‘n’-scurry’s over,
And another to begin …
As time goes by.
Nice to feel God
Has me in His hands,
His fold … His mighty hold
As I continue ‘n’ keep on going …
And time goes by.

    July 2016

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