“Part of the reason that people don’t become enlightened
is because it’s punctuated by intermittent catastrophes.”


Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

An axiom

by Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

Anything worth doing
is worth doing badly.”

Creatives can only
present works to the world…
see their originations unfurled,
if they dare—dare to fail,
in order to dare to do well:
daring to fail is the inverse of
daring to do well.

Buoyed by Pressfield’s
The War of Art
encouraging creative works,
my creativity now
no longer shirks.

I’ve ceased hiding my light
beneath lampshades.
Today I courageously
call spades, spades —
I’m finally facing my muse,
in order to her creative juices use.

Where it will lead,
Imagination’s heed,
One never can tell.
Creatives can only
face fears and dare fail
in order to discover
if they can do well.

Being our own worst enemy,
if creativity we are to wield,
we must resist resistance,
says Steven Pressfield.

Put another way:
In order to impart
creative gifts of art,
our inspired heart
must somewhere start.

Ingénues must dare to fail,
or they’ll never start …
never survive
the writers-block dart;
never write
the book of their heart;
never do their creative part.

So dare to break
through artists’ blocks
whenever your
amusing muse knocks.

Win your creative battles!
Do it on a dare–
Dare to fail
or you’ll never find
if you can ever do well.

Daring creates artistic outpour.
Time only can tell
what knocks next at the door.

But it’s worth the effort
to face resistance–
give one’s gift,
despite fear’s insistence.

Creatives discover,
and fulfill themselves,
and countless others as well,
when they dare to create Art
and tell their tale!

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