The Pecking Party

The C-Average Rule
By Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

Commoners commandeering
Pecking parties
Like gaggles of geese and hens, 
Flock in control-pens, 
Downing high-achievers 
Who rise to tweet a tweet,
Open their “pecker,” or make a peep. 
It’s a fowl pastime of the pack:
The C-average rule.

Pack policies proclaim
Midlers run Life’s game. 
“Schools out,” says the herd,
As they give Brights “the bird.”
It’s our way or the highway!
Or haven’t you heard? 
In Academia, couldn’t get an “A.”
Been there; done it their way. 
Now we’re graduates, 
Our Ordinaires’ peckin’ order’s at play!

Common birds fowled up – 
Didn’t shine in school. 
Wouldn’t/couldn’t win an “A.”
But they’ve won, anyway— 
In the real world, the masses rule, 
So the hoi polloi say. 

Hats off to the populous fool! 
The mob’s marchin’ around
Lookin’ quite cool!
Well-adjusted Plebs
Know power’s in the pack.
Volunteer plebeian cliques, 
Stand on stumps and stamp, 
Squashing Creatives 
Descending the ramp … 
Where Midlers’ limelight begins, 
The Brights’ light ends. 
Tramp, tramp, tramp!

A College Prof sorely opined: 
Common-place people do fine 
In this world made for
The run-of-the-mill mind. 
But God help the gifted! 

The “C’s” are getting even 
With the “A’s,” it appears. 
They’re bringing to pass 
The Elites’ worst fears. 
Thought Scholars were smart? 
Prosaics tear them apart
With rules that dumb things down—
Act average to fit in. 
Give in. Cave in.
Go along, to get along, to get in. 

In our rank-and-file world,
Everybody behaves the same—
Mustn’t make waves! 
Play the game.
Forget cleverness; 
Be mediocre like us.
It’s so simple, it’s boring; 
The Intelligentsia are snoring. 

But a garden-variety Chic’s 
Crushing their drive. 
It’s bitten the dust!
But ingenuity doesn’t rust. 
Determined to thrive, 
Genius will survive;
Intellectuals won’t stay down. 

Watch out! Backlash!
Brainiacs coming back around
To break the C-average rule;
Reinstate the A-average handful—
The born to lead vestibule,
Swimming in ingenuity’s pool;
Keeping our world creative and cool!
So much for the “C-Average rule”!

The following is my first version of these lyrics:

The C-Average Rule

They’re commandeering
The pecking party
Like a gaggle of hens
With Betsy-boots syndrome
Sporting a he-man comb.

They stamp you down
If you dare get up
To open your “pecker”
And let out a peep.
That’s the “fowl”
Language of the pack —
The C-Average Rule.

Forget correcting their
Foolish pack policies.
It’s their time to shine!
“Schools out,” they say;
“Over and done.
Been there. Done that their way.
But we’ve graduated!
Now it’s the real world —
Our time to play!”

Yup, the “C-Average”
Couldn’t shine in school.
Wouldn’t/couldn’t get an “A”
But make sure they shine, anyway:
In the real world,
They rule! 

Hey! Hats off to the “fool”!
The Average are coming.
They’re cool!
They ain’t nobody’s stool.

They form a clique–
A Volunteer pack;
Stand on a stump and stamp,
Squishin’ brainiacs
Comin’ around the ramp.
That’s where the power
Of “The Brights” ends
And “The Average” begins.

A college Prof told our class,
“Average people thrive
In the world fine.
It’s made for the average mind.
But God help the gifted!”

The “C’s” are getting even
With the “A’s,” it appears.
They’re bringing to pass
Our worst fears.
We thought we were smart?
They’re tearing us apart!
Dumbing us down.
Must act average to fit in–
All be the same.
“Go along to get along.”
“Play the game.”
“Don’t make waves.”
“Be the same.”
Don’t be creative;
Be medium like them.
Give in, cave in, to fit in.

It’s so simple and boring.
I’m almost snoring.
But an average Chic’s
Crushing my creative heart.

It’s bitten the dust!
But my ingenuity
Doesn’t rust;
It won’t let me down.
Look out! Check the corner!
I’m comin’ back around!

2 thoughts on “Poem/doggerel I wrote: The C-Average Rule

    1. Were I so lucky! I don’t get into politics much, for lack of time. But thanks for your comment and sense of humor — and for visiting my site. I’m very happy if I wrote something that fits with the times, though I wrote this poem quite some time ago!


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