They’re commandeering the pecking party like a gaggle of geese,  or a flock of hens–- Another Betsy-boots syndrome: He-men women in charge.

They stamp you down if you dare to get up courage enough to open your mouth — That’s the language of the pack — “The C-Average Rule.”

So forget trying to correct their sometimes simple-minded, or less than efficient, foolish policies. Because it’s their time to shine:  Schools out — over and done with. “Been there and done that,” they say.  They’ve graduated! And it’s now the real world — Their time to play!

Yes, the “C Average” couldn’t shine in school. Wouldn’t get an “A.” But Many make sure they shine anyway — like as: “In the real world we rule!”

 Hey! Hats off!! The average are coming through! Wow. They’re cool! They’re nobody’s fool!

All they must do is form a clique in a “Volunteers” position. Then stand on a stump and stamp — ‘n’ start squishin’ every fool brainiac they see comin’ ‘round the bend.

That’s where the power of the brains ends, and that of the average begins!

Years ago, one of my college professors told the class: “Average people can make it in the world fine. It’s made for the average mind. But God help the gifted!”

The “C’s” are getting even with the “A’s,” it appears. They’re bringing to pass my worst fears. We thought we were smart? They’ll show us – They’re starting to tear us apart!

Eg: Have to act average to fit in! Have to all be the same — like the sayings: “Go along to get along. Play the game. Don’t make waves. Be the same!”

In other words, behave like everybody else behaves!
Just give in — cave in. It’s that simple —hard … and boring! I’m almost snoring.
One average person already ate my heart!

2 thoughts on “My Poem: “The C-Average Rule”

    1. Were I so lucky! I don’t get into politics much, for lack of time. But thanks for your comment and sense of humor — and for visiting my site. I’m very happy if I wrote something that fits with the times, though I wrote this poem quite some time ago!


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