My Website in Metamorphosis


  Hi,  everybody! It’s now March 13, 2017. You have probably noticed that my Website is undergoing a metamorphosis … In other words, it is changing daily. As I grow, it grows. I’ve changed the theme and header a number of times as I experiment to see what speaks to me — what works best for me now that I have been at this trial-and-error-fledgling Webmaster experience and Photoblogging since June 27, 2016.

I have a few hundred poems yet to edit and post on my website. Many of my best poems and other compositions I’ve written over the years — in fact, since I was eight years old — still lie waiting to be edited and posted — or saved for submission to publishers for gain, or such. Now all that is lacking is time to edit and record these many words herein or elsewhere. Hopefully, that will be soon.

However, I now realize I really need to be concentrating on writing my memoirs, not spending my time editing and typing my loads of handwritten poetry, prose,   quotes, and anecdotes. That probably should be put off again — for it hasn’t been a priority up until now, sad to say. I’ve had too many other irons on the fire, and too little time for a “Jackalynn-of-many-trades” like myself.

Yes, I probably should write my memoirs and other such, first … to see if I really am going to get serious about writing a book … or a few books. If I find I’m not going to get serious about such, then I’ll go back to editing and publishing my poems and my life’s story on my Website.

I recently learned that whatever I publish on my Website is considered Published, period! Therefore, if I ever want to publish my poems, memoirs, and other writings anywhere else, I’ll have to find magazines and book publishers who will accept that I’ve already published my material online. Most editors and book publishing companies only accept work that has never been published.

That has given me pause to think; i.e., rather than spend so much time on my Website and Photoblogging and publishing my work online, wouldn’t I be better off spending more time entering poetry contests, and submitting my poems to magazines for publishing and financial remuneration ? You get the idea.

So now I’m rethinking my whole premise. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, other than be more careful what I publish on my Website. If I publish my best work here –- my best poems, etc.–- I may not be able to sell them to most poetry magazines or even have them printed in my writing club’s Anthologies.

Therefore, I am going to curb what I publish on my Website right now. That includes not putting my memoir material on my site. With a little more time, I will have made a decision as to whether all I want to do is put my Life Story online for people to read for free. Or whether I want to get serious about submitting it to a publishing company, or self-publishing it — for remuneration and a much wider audience.

I would love to be able to do everything all at once; ie, type up all my poems at the same time I’m writing a book and keeping up my new Website, home, and all else. But creating a Website and Photoblog site is something one builds upon gradually. The same goes for getting my poems and my books out there. Though Rome wasn’t built in a day, a part of me now wants to build my Website, and blog site that way — or at least by the end of this month! 

 Websites can be a static thing — Set them up and leave them be, depending on what you use your Website for. But blog sites are a different species, an ongoing process. And the whole experience entails a huge learning curve.

So bear with me as I turn that bend. And as I curb the time spent writing blogs and publishing poetry so as to concentrate on getting my Memoirs written. And I hope too see you at the end of the “curve” — or bend!


2 thoughts on “My Website in Metamorphosis

    1. Not many get rich, in this day and age, writing poetry, but the same goes for people publishing books. I love Shell Silverstein’s books of poetry for young people, such as,” Where the Sidewalk Ends.” His books have sold well. Of course, he’s only one example of those modern-day poets and writers who have become Bestsellers, Award winners, and so forth.

      In the past few centuries poets such as Lord Byron, Samuel Johnson, and Edmond Spenser, have certainly done well with their poems they published and made money off. The list of poets goes on and on.

      But I agree with you, when you say what is most important for me to write, for now, is my Memoir. You have helped me decide to make that a priority. I appreciate your input that made this my decision, as it is and was a tough call for me to make.


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