Stephany Spencer-LeBaron, age 38

 Pretty City Chic

Dearest friends and fans,
Please note:
This tongue-in-cheek
Song I wrote 
Isn’t finished
So I don’t gloat,
But pray my poem 
Won’t get your goat.
It’s late — Blog due “mañana;
Check my song later on … uh 
You’ll find it “re-wrote”…
Needs work is my last quote.
But please enjoy what I wrote,
As I humorously emote:

Pretty City Chic

Hey! I’m a Hack
Who’s written this hit
Called “Pretty City Chic”–
A Hee-ha Comedy Song —
A bi
t o’ Bio in Verse,
For Better or Worse,
With Truth ‘n’ Exaggeration

They called me “Pretty City Chic,”
But Hillbilly music is my shtick;
My Hillbilly ways are here to stick,
So you may as well git over it
And join in ’n’ sing a bit
With Pretty City Chic.

Born in Mexican sticks
In 1946,
I’ve dual citizenship.
To add to my mix,
Folk and Classical music
Are among my shticks.

I’m an all-American-mongrel,
Apple-pie girl
Hines-57 mixed-up mutt
With apple pie stickin’ to my gut —
Red-necked reactionaries ain’t my thing;
I’m here for music and to sing!

Yeah, I’m an All-American-Mexican,
Scots-Irish “Mick,”

With Welch ’n’ English,
So, sure, I’m a Brit …
Plus Norwegian, Swedish,
Swiss, Danish, and Dutch,
French, German, Belgium,
Mohawk Indian and such.
If there’s no Tom Slick
Hidin’ in the pit,
Far as I know,
That’s about it.
That‘s my story
And I’m stickin’ to it!

Pa was a Veteran of World War I.
Those Vets were well-appreciated
For what they’d done!
He was an Artist, Creative —
Master of a few —
Good at many things —
What couldn’t he do?

Ma was a Creative —
Artist thru ’n’ thru;
Poet, Pianist, Painter — Whew!
Loved talking religion,
Old or new —
Long as it agreed
With what she already “knew.”
She graduated with a BA
In Journalism too;
Quite an accomplishment
For Ma was sixty-two!

She ran me competition–
I was still in College too.
But her motto was:
Anything you can do,
I can do better;
I can do anything better than you!”
And she meant it too!

hey call me Pretty City Chic,
But Hillbilly music is my shtick;
My Hillbilly ways are here to stick!
So you may as well git over it,
And join in ‘n’ sing a bit
With Pretty City Chic;
Shit-kickin’ music is my shtick.
Well, that’s my story
And I’m shtickin’ to it:
I’m Pretty City Chic!

By Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

NOTE: The following is an iPhone video of me at the California Writers Club, March 2017, performing the above song I wrote, “Pretty City Chic” (before I recently “re-writ” parts of it!):

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