Stephany Spencer-LeBaron, age 38

 Pretty City Chic

Dearest friends and fans,
Please note:
This tongue-in-cheek
Song I wrote 
Isn’t finished
So I don’t gloat,
But pray my poem 
Won’t get your goat.

It’s late — Blog due “mañana;
Check my song later on … uh 
You’ll find it “re-wrote”…
Needs work is my last quote.
But please enjoy what I wrote,
As I humorously emote:

Pretty City Chic

Hey! I’m a Hack
Who’s written this hit
Called “Pretty City Chic”–
A Hee-ha Comedy Song –
A bi
t o’ Bio in Verse,
For Better or Worse,
With Truth ‘n’ Exaggeration

They call me “Pretty City Chic.”
Hillbilly music is my shtick.
My Hillbilly ways are here to stick;
So you may as well git over it
And join in ’n’ sing a bit
With Pretty City Chic.

Born in Mexican sticks
In 1946,
I’ve dual citizenship.
But to add to my mix,
Folk and Classical music
Are among my shticks.

I’m an all-American-mongrel,
Apple-pie girl
Hines-57 mixed-up mutt
With apple pie stickin’ to my gut —
Red-necked reactionaries ain’t my thing –
I’m here for music and to sing!

Yeah, I’m an All-American-Mexican,
Scots-Irish “Mick,”

With Welch ’n’ English,
So sure I’m a Brit …
Plus Norwegian, Swedish,
Danish, and Dutch;
French, German, Belgium,
Mohawk Indian and such.

If there’s no Tom Slick
Hidin’ in the pit,
Far as I know,
That’s about it.
That‘s my story
And I’m stickin’ to it!

Pa was a Veteran of World War I.
Those Vets were well-appreciated
For what they’d done!
He was an Artist, Creative –
Master of a few —
Good at so many things –
What couldn’t he do?

Ma was a Creative too,
An Artist thru ’n’ thru –
Poet, Pianist, Painter … whew!
Loved talking religion,
Old or new,
Long as it agreed
With what she already “knew.”

She graduated with a BA
In Journalism too –
Quite an accomplishment
For Ma was sixty-two!

She ran me competition
For I was still in College too.
Ma’s motto was:
Anything you can do,
I can do better;
I can do anything better than you!”
And she meant it too!

hey call me Pretty City Chic,
But Hillbilly music is my shtick;
My Hillbilly ways are here to stick!
So you may as well git over it
And join in ‘n’ sing a bit
With Pretty City Chic.

Shit-kickin’ music is my shtick.
Well, that’s my story
And I’m shtickin’ to it:
I’m Pretty City Chic!

By Stephany Spencer-LeBaron

NOTE: The following is an iPhone video of me on March 2017age 71performing at the California Writers Club the above song I wrote“Pretty City Chic”… before I “re-writ” some of it:

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