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California Writers Club Anniversary Anthology


  Ode to The California Writers Club:
The California Writers Club is our oyster, 
And writers the pearls polished within her.
Stephany Spencer  2016 

pearl in oyster

 2016 marked the 30th anniversary —
The Pearl Anniversary of
The California Writers Club:
San Fernando Valley Branch.

For thirty years,
This club’s been our “oyster” ranch,

 And we members
Pearls growing within her dance,
Polishing and developing daily
Our word-writing romance;

Our works now sparkle and glitter;
Like well-crafted word pearls they glimmer,
Reflecting a lovely oyster-shell shimmer.

So thanks, California Writers Club —
For your “Oyster-club dinners:”
They’ve helped CWC members
Become book-publishing winners.

Stephany Spencer 2016

The California Writers Club: San Fernando Valley Branch has produced another Anthology, this one in honor of our club’s 30th anniversary. Says Victoria Zackheim (Author, Anthologist, Playwright, Educator):

“This collection is a testimony to the power of words, and to those gifted writers who have run them together like strands of precious pearls. Essay, poem, short story — each one sings out and captures our imagination … and our heart.” 

“Through this anthology of short stories, imaginings, and poems,” says CWC Editor, Rita Keeley Brown, “our current members share their adventure of writing.” 

A quote from Truman Capote, taken from the back cover of the  anthology, aptly sums up the work: “What I am [we are] trying to achieve is a voice sitting by the fireplace telling you a story on a winter’s evening.”

 I followed my poem’s advice: “Dare to Fail or Fail to Dare,” and submitted three poems for this year’s Anniversary Anthology. Check out mine and other entries submitted by our club’s gifted writers.

Hoping you enjoy our latest Anthology as much as I who will soon be snuggled up by the fireplace reading it again, reaping rewards of time well spent.  ~ Stephany Spencer

Below is the cover of our Anniversary Anthology,
“Cascade of Pearls,” 
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Cascade of Pearls

May 15, 2017

by San Fernando Valley, California Writers Club


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Here are two samples of work composed by Nance Crawford, one of the amazing authors and poets in our California writers club. Enjoy!

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