Part 19-S, Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer  
And More Perils of Polygamy:
My Honeymoon

Billy and me in 1963, Ages 16 and 26 consecutively

And we are put on this earth a little space
that we might learn to bear the beams of love”
William Blake

I left off in “My Memoir: Part 19-R, Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer and More Perils of Polygamy: 
My Honeymoon,” saying:

It hurt SO to be left out in the cold on my honeymoon, as I stood in the background watching the foreground where the man I’d just married neglected me, his new wife, to lovingly look for and pick out an extravagant gift for his “old” wife Marilyn’s upcoming 31st birthday. He not only ignored me but bought me “nada.” No fun! Welcome to Polygamy 101.

I later learned jealous Marilyn, about fifteen years my senior, was exceedingly upset Bill married me; despite her ardent protests! But he added kerosene to the coals by taking me (once again despite her’s and the second wife’s avid protests) on a Honeymoon to Chihuahua City, a-few-hours drive away.

It must’ve left Bill feeling guilty knowing his first wife Marilyn and his favorite wife Lolita were home alone and horny, grieving his honeymooning and spooning child-bride me.

Was he showing them they were not enough? Or that I was too good a package to pass up? Well, Bill could always pass his actions off onto: “Polygamy –“The Law of Plural Marriage” comes first and foremost — above all else!”

Mormon fundamentalists believe building up the kingdom of God is all that matters. More wives means bringing more little spirits into good Mormon fundamentalist homes to build God’s work and combat Satan’s efforts to overcome Him.

Because Harolyn held and controlled the family purse strings, Bill wanted to make points with her. So, though it was my honeymoon, he bought her an extravagant present, on my time, that actually came from his “own” money — the money Daddy gave him for me!

I was rudely learning that all this was par for the course in polygamous marriages: I wasn’t his only love and consideration nor concern. I had to share him — even on my honeymoon!

But, to top it off, the second day there, without warning, Bill heartlessly left me alone out in the car on the street for five hours with nothing to do!! Not even a radio to listen to — sans warning he’d be gone so long — while he “did business and missionary work” (in the missionary position?) with a buddy or two:

“I can’t have you at the meeting. These men have met Marilyn. Can’t let them know I have more than one wife, was his easy way out.

Then, despite his promised seven-day Honeymoon, about five days in, he suddenly told me, again without my having a say in it: “We’re going home now. Need to cut our Honeymoon short. Must get back home to take care of business.”

I think he mostly missed and was worried about his other two wives, was bored with me, wasn’t in love with me, and didn’t value freebie-me much. What do you think?

So we returned home within five days of what turned out to be, all-in-all, a stressful, rather uneventful honeymoon — except (brace yourself) lying in the lap of my sexy husband as he steered the vehicle toward home, I had my way with him. We are lucky Bill didn’t lose his way at the wheel as he came — and I lived to tell the story! LOL!

(Continued in: “My Memoir: Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer — And More Perils of Polygamy: My Honeymoon — Part 19-T”)

NOTE: If you wonder what Mormon fundamentalist cults believe, how they are brainwashed, and why members don’t often leave — aren’t able to escape these clans — listen to the following YouTube interviews:

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