Part 19-T:
Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer
And More Perils of Polygamy: 
My Honeymoon 

me wed cake
Bill and I “cutting the cake

The sharing of stories broadens our outlook on life.
People identify with and draw strength from
reading about the struggles of others.

Readers can ‘try on’ the life
of the character/s in the story,
and see how they would have felt and reacted;
without having to suffer through the experience, themselves.

They ‘become’ that protagonist,
that main character, as they step into his shoes
and walk through the difficulties he faces.”
Rita Keeley Brown 

Continued from:
“My Memoir: Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer
and More Perils of Polygamy: 
My Honeymoon — Part 19-S”

I left off in the last blog saying Bill promised me a seven-day Honeymoon; however, about five days in, he abruptly informed me: “We’re going home now. I need to cut our Honeymoon short. Must get back to take care of business.”

Apparently, having taken care of “business” with his boyfriends in Chihuahua City, there was little enticement to remain away from his two grieving, furious, jealous wives conniving at home as to how to deal with Bill and me. (And deal they did!)

So, while Bill’s old black Cadillac rocked, rattled, ‘n’ rolled as it sped toward Colonia LeBaron, our homestead, I lay in my lover’s lap, and “had my way with him” — ever so lucky my husband didn’t lose control of the wheel as he came.

Adolescent me, who didn’t drive, couldn’t see how close we “came” to diving over the cliff to Dover-heaven in sexual oblivion!

The car swerved back-and-forth, skidding dangerously a few times. But determined Billy managed to muster all he had to keep his Cad on the road while he exploded in ecstasy!

My, what a man — what I cad! The Angels must’ve been watching over us (How embarrassing!) where angels fear to tread. Thereafter, tread marks left on the highway were all that remained to tell the tale of our ecstatic, erratic, “wreckless” ride.

Other than that, it was, for me, a pretty blissful but stressful and uneventful five-day honeymoon with hubby — except for some luscious restaurant meals, visiting Chihuahua City’s Museum of Art and other such — including the Mexican-war-hero Pancho Villa’s museum home and his elderly wife who still lived there.

And seeing the hit movie of the day, “El Sid.” Oh, did I mention the mosquitoes buzzing in, out, and all about, as we slept; biting me on both eyelids just in time for our Honeymoon photos?

You shall hear, I fear, in my upcoming book, more about Bill’s and my Honeymoon — my initiation “into” Bill’s harem — and he into me. I promise! Can hardly wait to tell you this “herstory-history”!

(Continued in:
“My Memoir:
Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer
And More Perils of Polygamy: 
My Honeymoon 
Part 19-U”)

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