Part 19-V, Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer — 
And Polygamy On-The-Down-Low

My husband William Preston Tucker in 1964, age 28

“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories.
If people wanted you to write warmly about them,
they should’ve behaved better.”
Anne Lamott,
“Bird by Bird”

I left off in “My Memoir: Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer — And Polygamy On-The-Down-Low, Part 19-U” remarking that when my husband Bill Tucker and I went to bed, our one night we spent in Chihuahua City, I suffered the usual tears and disappointments of my concubinage with this man I’d experienced since the day I married him in October of 1963 at age sixteen — two-and-a-half years earlier.

This time the suffering was because I expected a loving, supportive, special trip, and to be all alone without the other two wives around so that finally Bill might bestow on me some special warmth.

But even when I was alone in bed with him, he didn’t show any love toward me, let alone some sympathy for my father having just died! Instead, he hadn’t given me any attention during the whole twenty-four-hour trip, and now he simply rolled over, turned his back on me, and refused even my attempts to make love.

Was this hot-blooded sex-fiend punishing me for asking to go on a trip with him, though this night would have been another wife’s turn– and his taking me on this trip was causing his other two wives further grief and jealousy…which meant more trouble for him when he got home? But that never mattered when he took his other two wives on trips — even when it was my turn to spend the night with him!

Knowing what I know now about Bill and his buddies, I really suspect Bill — though he loved how well he fit in me — didn’t do his usual three-minute screw, like he always did when it was my night to be with him (which was every third night, if he was in town) then fall asleep on top of me, his stocky, overweight body crushing my petite framebecause he was afraid Bruce would know — even though we were undercover in bed in the dead of night!

 But, to repeat what I wrote in the previous blog, maybe Bill was afraid Bruce would be jealous. There were no curtains on the bedroom windows! But either way you “peek,” I was screwed — screwed over big-time by two-timing-gay-Plyg Billy!

Well, I’ll leave you in the dark no more. I truly believe this hot-blooded “Billy” had gone off and gotten it on with Bruce–and maybe with some other “Willy” too. And had thus created special bonding with Bruce, plus had gotten his sexual juices and energies expunged. And was also being careful not to cause jealousy in Bruce which could ruin his and Bruce’s special just-built or just-renewed connection if Bruce should come checking on Billy and catch him on top of me.

I say this based on a trip I managed to go on with Bill to Guadalajara, Mexico around a year later. I was still nineteen then. There I witnessed, in a roundabout way, Billy and his buddy Stephen do this very thing I described above. It took place at Mariachi Square, famous the world over among homosexuals — at least back then — as a gathering place.

Continued in “My Memoir: Esther LeBaron McDonald de Spencer — And Polygamy On-The-Down-Low, Part 19-W”





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