It infuriates me,
It froths my mouth
That pushy Bethel A-hole,
Corralled me into her “pen” again
To write for her “pad” —
Her newsletter!

Then she whiplashed me
Into her “automobile”
To further wrap
The noose about my neck
Then squeeze it!

She’s a hornet like Irit —
I can’t take such shit!
Betsy Boots who roota-toot-toots
Her flutes and horn
Is another controller —
A hen full of corn.

Let’s nip the wings of the Royal B’s
Clip them down to size.
Whoever succeeds at this enterprise
Deserves first prize!

5 thoughts on “Poem I wrote: “Frothing at the Mouth”

    1. Thanks Jessica, for taking the time to leave a comment. But I was surprised it was on this poem of all poems. For I thought it was probably too negative to post. However, at this point, I am just posting whatever I finally get edited as I go along in my poetry notebooks. I’ll have to go back and weed things out as time goes by, after I give more distance to what I’ve done, so I can judge from a better perspective.

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      1. Yeah it is negative. I guess that spells progress like you are doing what you are doing getting things moving good or bad like your other poem sais.
        I’m just in a non writing silent mood barly keeping up with my daily post at the moment.
        I try to read all your stuff even if I don’t comment. Hugs


        1. Jessica, I appreciate your feedback. Sorry to hear you are not feeling at your best. Give me a call if you would like to talk. Meanwhile, I wish you all the best in your writing and the positive efforts to contribute to the world and creativity.

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        2. PS: I forgot to say that your observations in your comments are so deep and wise, as always. I have hundreds of poems to edit, and wonder if I should skip through and try to find the best ones, rather than take each poem as I run into it.

          Time doesn’t really allow for me to edit and publish all my poems, I suspect. I also suspect I should only post my best ones, if only because many people will only read one to three of my posts. If they read the ones that I know are not my best, then that’s all they will know of my writing and me. But that’s how it goes.


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