1-  He was born some time ago,
Way out in the sticks,
In a valley of Old Mexico,
The year nineteen sixty-six.

By the time he turned thirteen,
There were siblings of twelve;
For everything he ever got
He had to dig and delve.

2-  Then across the US border
To the county of LA,
Came this young man with many dreams;
His name was Juan José.

He wasn’t sure what to expect;
Didn’t know the welcome he’d get;
And though progress was slow,
He was happy because he could grow.

3-  Yes, though times were very rough,
Juan never would give up;
Nor did he ever think to quit:
It was better than in Mexico he’d get!

You should see him playing now
In a Mariachi band;
And he’s adding to the culture
Of our noble land.

(By Stephany Spencer, 1990)  *(Photo courtesy of Google Plus)

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